I have spent the last year working with some of the most innovative pickup companies in the America to come up with a range of pickups that can give you an exceptional range of tone from your Tone Pod guitar. Due to manufacturing agreements, usually only one pickup from each manufacturer can be included with your new guitar. However, there are many options available, and each Tone Pod guitar from Jon Kammerer Customs will have at least 2 Tone Pods coming with it. The current 2 pickup Tone Pod is designed to give you guitar specific voicing such as Surf, Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Metal, or New Rock.
email: jonkammerer@earthlink.net
Made in the USA
Custom built Tone Pod tool chest to demo pickup sets
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Buying additional Tone Pods
Your Tone Pod equipped guitar will come with the following three pickup sets at no extra cost. This essentially gives you 3 guitars for the price of 1. You will get:
 Set 1: Seymour Duncan, either Jazz/JB or SH-1/TB59.
 Set 2: Lace Sensor Telecaster set, either Standard or Hot
 Set 3: Kent Armstrong, either P-90 in humbucker setup or Distortion humbucker set